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3D printing by Threeate

When you choose 'print for me' we have a variety of materials available. each material has it's own specifications and can be used for different purposes

We try to offer as many materials and colours as possible. If you want to stay up to date on our latest materials, subscribe to our newsletter. We also have different material samples available. All materials are printed in the highest quality with professional printers (SLS/CLIP).

Current available materials:

Flexible peba
Flexible (PEBA)
PEBA is a rubberlike material that is flexible and can be used for different purposes such as medical prototyping, jewelry or just because it's fun! PEBA cannot be colored.
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Standard pa
Standard (PA)
When whe print PA, we use the standard PA2200 Polyamide. We believe in quality products, so your printed product is always polised for free. If you wish to receive a non-polished version, please contact us.
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Alumide is a PA material with an aluminum grain/dust to give the a metal look and feel. Alumide has the advantage of looking like metal but isn't expensive.
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Materials we are offering soon:
Copper, Stainless steel, Aluminum and Titanium.

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