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The Celtic tree of life symbolizes harmony and balance. The meaning of this symbol can be interpreted in different ways. The balance and harmony prevalent in nature is best symbolized by the tree of life. However, balance is maintained due to the interaction of different forces operating in the universe.

The Celts attribute the tree of life symbol to qualities like wisdom, strength and longevity. These qualities of trees were the reason behind Celts worshiping them.

The Celts believed that their enemies would be rendered powerless if their (enemy’s) sacred tree was cut down.

The different meanings associated with rebirth and the tree of life were derived from seasonal changes which the Celts observed in these trees.

Generally, the phenomenon of rebirth is associated with Celtic trees. The Celts performed various rituals to mark the changes that a tree of life underwent. The changes observed in these trees were tagged as birth, death and rebirth.

Tree of life is the symbol of an entity which connects the upper and lower worlds. Roots of this tree penetrate the depths of the lower world. Branches grow upwards and stretch out to the heavens. Trunk of the tree of life remains on the earth’s plane. As per the beliefs held by Druids, gods in the heaven used to communicate with humans through trees of life.

Growth of the tree of life is associated with spiritual growth. As per beliefs held by Druids, some of these trees possessed magical powers and were capable of carrying messages to the ‘Otherworld’. It was also believed that trees possessed the power to bless people with prosperity.


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