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Threeate Stream Software

Bought a 3D model? Download and install the latest software, select your printer and start printing!


To secure the 3D models from our awesome designers, we've created an user-friendly streaming software compatible for both Mac and Windows computers.

For more information please view the instructional video on this page or read more below.


We currently only support Makerbots (2nd, 3th and 4th Generation.) along with clones (Flashforge creator, Wanhao replicator 4) We are working on adding as many printers as soon as possible.

1. Accessing a 3D model
Models on the Threeate marketplace are sold by independent 3D designers and come with a license; single print or unlimited prints. To get access and print your purchased model at home you use the Threeate stream software.
2. Download & Install
After downloading and installing the free software you login with your Threeate account details. After signing in you’ll find all purchased models in your model overview.
3. Connecting a 3D printer.
When you’re new to the Threeate Stream Software you have to connect your 3D printer. Most printers are included in the software and are instantly ready to use with standard settings. Of course you can alter settings as desired or add an unknown 3D printer.
4. Starting print jobs
Select the “Prepare Print” button of the model you want to print. You can now alter the printjob settings as desired and click “start printjob”. Sit back and see the magic happen!
5. Printing issues
Everybody knows 3D printing comes with issues from time to time. Don’t worry, we got you covered: if a printjob gets cancelled before 90% completion, a new Single Print for the model will appear in your model overview.
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